30m Soaker Hose

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Fed up with big water bills, moving sprinklers around the garden constantly and still having to hand water plant beds? Now you can do all at once! This fantastic soaker hose allows water to trickle out at a steady rate throughout it's entire length. It can be used as a permanent or temporary fixture. Due to the entire hose being porous you can lead it throughout an entire plant or flower bed etc so that the entire area is covered and watered directly. The hose will run on very low water pressures, plus can also be connected to a water butt. Use it anywhere! In the garden, allotment or even in a greenhouse. Just by using this hose you're helping the environment by saving water that would normally be wasted which in return means smaller water bills for you!


  • 30m porous soaker hose
  • Trickles water throughout its length
  • Can be used as a permanent or temporary fixture
  • Can even be connected to a water butt
  • Helps the environment and saves you money!
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