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Vibro Electric Slimming Massage Belt

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This electronic toning belt is designed to tone specific areas of the body. It is a professional, supporting Belt for your reduction of weight. Use for just 10 minutes per day to see a difference.

It provides you with an effective elliptical swinging massage. Has 5 levels of intensity and auto modes to provide the best flexibility in chosen workout that can help you achieve the desired shape.

The belt can be used on the shoulders, hips, buttocks, calves and thighs for a full body workout.  Also can use the belt to benefit from relieved tension and stress, improved digestion, reduced muscle fatigue, improved blood circulation and reduced lactic acid production. With its heating function and the vibration helps you to relax and to lose weight.



  • High performing slimming belt
  • Uses a system of Elliptic Oscillation Mechanism   
  • Effective to slim each part of the body including abdomen area, shoulders, hip, back, calves etc
  • Good for slimming, digesting, relaxing and exercising     
  • Have different programs to provide a powerful and comfortable massage system  
  • With the speed and intensity of regulation of automatic and manual massage, made with a five-level selection   
  • Come with a controller to adjust the program, speed and direction  
  • Use every day for 10 minutes at least for best results
  • Suitable for using on the waist, spine, hip, knee, arms and legs, thighs, shoulders, etc.
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